Export Training

We specialize in intra-company (in-house) seminars on export specially adjusted to the requests of each company. Our clients are multinational, SMEs and new export companies. We also collaborate with organizations and educational institutions that favor extroversion/ export/ exporting

Our main seminar modules are:

  • Export activity in 10 steps
    • Everything you need to know regarding the development of your export business, with case studies and proven solutions from A to Z.  Beginning with  the design of the export plan, to reaching an agreement using negotiation techniques and mechanisms. Most importantly,  we concentrate  our efforts to the export procedure and administration, including the security of the payment.
  • An Extrovert Oriented Plan
    • Everything  you need to know regarding the design and preparation of an Export Plan and how it  correlates and integrates into the company’s Business plan. Starting from the analysis of the internal and the external business factors, we focus on a specific country, and we apply our export strategy by analyzing the means and ways to penetrate  the market and all the supply networks.  We define the marketing mix, we  identify the proper organization model and we conclude with the financial analysis which includes pricing, budgeting and evaluation.
  • Delivery Terms – Incoterms 2010
    • Everything  you need to know regarding the definition and the content of delivery terms “Incoterms 2010”, including their latest revisions and their amendments since 1.1.2011.
    • An analysis is conducted of the point of delivery, risk and cost allocation between buyer and seller for each delivery condition. Analysis includes real life examples and  hidden points  proven in practice.
    • An analysis is conducted  of the insurance coverage of the goods as  a contractual liability and the parties.
  • Payment Terms – UCP600
    • Everything  you need to know regarding the  payment methods in your international  transactions. A successful transaction in exports trading demands third party order confirmation and at the end a collection of  financial demands.
    • An analysis is conducted of  minor details, (e.g. small writing and the role of the banks ) in favor of the interests of the company, which do not always coincide with the interests of the banks.
  • Practical Workshop in Search of a  Distributor
    • Everything you need to know regarding the diversity among people and nations and your preparation for approaching them in a  commercial manner. The customer- discovery has proven to be a  main company concern and during the seminar we try to simplify the appropriate steps for approaching  your potential Distributor.
    • We analyze the negotiation techniques especially adjusted to  exports trading and to people  diversity, in order to maximize the result / outcome of your export collaboration.
  • Negotiation in the terms of international trade
    • We analyze negotiation techniques especially adjusted to  exports trading and to people diversity, in order to maximize the  outcome of your export collaboration.
    • Implementation of the export negotiation quiver with profound knowledge on the terms of delivery - Incoterms 2010 and the Terms of Payment.
  • Export Marketing
    • Everything you need to know including comprehensive Marketing communication, International Marketing and the Design of Marketing Plans. Specific reference is made to the Marketing of  Services,  Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing.   Overcoming the traditional marketing model, we focus on the S.A.V.E frame of reference.
  • Website development and social media marketing
    • Everything you need to know for professionally designing, developing and maintaining  your own website.
    • An analysis and adjustment of web intervention and company image, taking into consideration the people diversification.
  • Charter-party Agreement
    • Everything  you need to know regarding  ship chartering and the use of charter-party agreement as a basic tool of the Exports Department.
    • We perform a profound analysis of the contract which has as its object the use of a ship in exchange with value for the execution of maritime transport / shipping.
    • The modules to be  discussed in our seminary presentation are:
    • Standardized charter party forms
    • Main types of ship chartering
    • Freight payment
    • Discrete contracts in the maritime transport
    • Key terms of the charter party agreement (Gencon)
    • Definition of “Notice of Readiness” according to Bimco
    • Notice of Readiness in the case of Port or Berth Charter
    • Lay-time calculation stages
    • Charter-party agreement and UCP-600



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