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Export Academy in Cyprus provides legal services in all disciplines and practice areas. Based on our experience, qualifications, abilities and professionalism we guarantee first class legal services. Our client oriented approach enables us to deal with each and every client with complete and utmost dedication and personal attention. Our aim always is to protect and enhance the interests of the client.
Through our services and advice you will have the opportunity to extend your business activities both in Cyprus and in other countries anywhere in the world. We administration of your company, which we guarantee, in a favorable tax system and to invest your funds in any sector with guaranteed legal services and advice for the best possible outcome.

We provide the following legal services

  • Registration of  your Company Worldwide
    • Cyprus offers entrepreneurs across the world several incentives to establish companies in the country of interest, deriving for example from its very favourable tax system as well as its well integrated Company Act and Regulations. As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus has, as of 1.1.2008, adopted the Euro as its official currency. Cyprus has formed Double Tax Treaties with more than 30 countries. Its international Business environment for functioning in a favorable corporate tax regime for more than 30 years, creates attractive opportunities for company tax planning and for benefiting from the high standards of professional services by lawyers, auditors, bankers, business managers, fund managers and other professionals in the country.
      A company duly registered in Cyprus either by locals, foreigners or E.U. citizens may operate in Cyprus and execute any business activity. Companies having their management headquarters in Cyprus (e.g. ‘residency’ in Cyprus) are liable to a 12.5% corporation tax on their taxable income. This means 12.5% tax on their ‘net’ profit after deducting from their income expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for acquiring this income.
      A company may open and operate bank accounts in any bank in Cyprus or overseas. After registration, the company can operate its business through any such account and transfer any amount of money from Cyprus to any other country without any limitation and without any prior permit . Many local and offshore banks operate in Cyprus, offering banking facilities of this kind. The directors of the company may operate these accounts, either personally, if they reside in Cyprus, or through an appointed agent in Cyprus or, per the agreement, through a bank in their country of residence using special codes and orders supplied for this purpose by the bank.

      Any individual or company can register a company in Cyprus.

      Our firm undertakes the

      1. acquisition of companies in Cyprus and overseas
      2. corporate reorganization and reconstruction
      3. preparation of shareholder agreements and corporate governance issues
      4. capital-raising transactions
      5. venture-capital financing
      6. public and private offerings of securities and securities law compliance
      7. management buy-outs and earn-outs
      8. corporate management and domicilile services
      9. partnership formation and termination of transaction
      10. company tax planning
  • Legal Advice and Consulting
    • Acquisition, Registration and Intellectual Property Rights Protection .
    • Related tax aspects.
    • Law, practice and banking procedure in Cyprus.
    • Legal opinions on commercial and corporate transactions.
    • Regulatory laws and practice for investments and business activities in Cyprus.
    • Law and practice for the winding up and administration orders for corporate entities.
    • A Bankruptcy law and practice and voluntary winding up.
    • Law, practice and procedure of corporate entities in Cyprus.
    • Corporate Registration law and practice in Cyprus.
    • Unfair competition and anti-trust Law.
    • Cyprus law and practice for real property in Cyprus.
  • Taxation Law and Tax Planning
    • We have thorough expertise in advising and assisting clients with the implementation of effective tax planning structures, designed to minimize tax liabilities; improve efficiency of the clients’ international cross-border activities and meet their financial and business objectives. Through the association of our FullserveGroup we are able to secure the provision of secretarial, trustee, administration, and management services to individuals or companies.

      We offer consultancy services and assistance for developing tax effective solutions using Double Tax Treaties and other tax relevant legislation. We help you set up tax efficient structures with corporate entities, branches, partnerships and trusts

  • Immigration Services
    • Our firm undertakes all matters relating to immigration law, citizenship applications (through the economic citizenship program and the conventional route), applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas. We advise both individuals and corporate clients

      We handle
      • Citizenship applications
      • Employment permits
      • Permanent residence permits
      • Immigration services
      • Visa Entry

      The requirements for visa vary depending on the nationality of each foreigner. EU citizens go through face and passport control without receiving an entry stamp at their passport. Other nationals are required to secure their entry visa at the Embassy of Cyprus in their country, prior to arrival in Cyprus All other nationals receive the official stamp upon arrival.

      The entry visa is usually from one to four weeks depending on the case. The visa can be extended up to three months by submitting the required documents to the District Aliens and Immigration Office.

      Residence Permit categories:

      A. Temporary Residence Permit
      B. Permanent Residence Permit

      Our firm provides legal advice and assistance to both EU and non-EU clients for the acquisition of the following:

      1. Residence & Work Permit: 2 years renewable.
      2. Visitor Permit: Applies for a limited amount of time.
      3. European Permanent Resident Immigration Permit for third country nationals investing in Cyprus (Category F Aliens & Immigration Regulation 6(2))




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