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Export Academy in  Beijing guarantees the successful presence of foreign companies in the Chinese market and connecting Chinese companies with the rest of the world. The company offers the following services: registration, legal and financial advice, product inspection, statistical analysis and utilization of investment opportunities from and to China.

We offer the following services:

  • Legal & Financial Due Diligence
    • We are regularly asked to provide internal corporate commentary on legal and financial due diligence issues such as identifying the credibility of a supplier or purchaser, an internal review, or as part of the due greater diligence process when involved in mergers or acquisitions of another business.
    • Some of our services include:
      1. Negotiation for Mergers & Acquisitions
      2. Verification of Corporate Documentation such as Business License
      3. Contractual Reviews
      4. Credit Checks & References
      5. Site Visits
      6. Internal Accounting & Bookkeeping Reviews
      7. Internal Audits
      8. IP Protection Reviews (Web Domains, Product Moulds, Trademarks, Patents)
  • Business Advisory
    • Being one of the largest operations in Asia for registering foreign-owned businesses, we are well equipped to advise companies on the best way to structure their business entities to meet their goals while maximizing their tax efficiency. Our many business advisors are experienced in corporate restructuring and can provide advice on all matters related to cross-border transfers of assets, relocation, mergers and acquisitions.
      1. Company Registration Amendment
      2. Company Restructuring, De-registration and Winding Up
      3. Corporate Governance and Company Secretarial
      4. Mergers and Acquisitions
      5. Joint Venture Establishment, Structuring, Negotiations, Agreement Drafting
      6. Due Diligence and Company Background Check
      7. Cross Border Structuring of Holding Companies
      8. Structuring Transactions
      9. Trademarks and Patent Registration
      10. Contract Drafting and Review
      11. Legal Translation
  • Corporate Establishment
    • Our advisors can assist with the legal incorporation aspects of your investment needs across multiple regions of Asia as we have been providing sound advice to foreign investors on corporate formation for nearly 25 years. This important legal process, when combined with our tax planning services, provides your business with superior, integrated corporate establishment under one service provider.
    • Some of our services include:
      1. Representative Offices
      2. Liaison Offices
      3. Project Offices
      4. Branch Offices
      5. Law Offices
      6. Wholly Foreign Owned Entities
      7. Joint Ventures
      8. Charitable Non-Governmental Organizations
      9. Limited Liability Partnerships & Corporations
      10. Offshore Companies
      11. Holding Companies
  • Factory Audit
    • One of the critical moments when starting a business relationship in an Asian country is choosing a reputable supplier that meets the guarantees and obligations that the client considers indispensable.
      Process in the Factory Audit service
      1. The Client provides us with the payment and information of the factory they want to audit.
      2. We research the factory that our clients wish to audit and collect all relevant information for the credibility of the factory.
      3. We schedule the visit of our inspector to the factory.
      4.When the inspector visits the factory he analyzes the following characteristics:
      1. Facilities
      2. Quality control system
      3. Manufacturing control and inspection
      4. Packing, handling and storage
      5. Communication and customer service
      6. Continuous improvement

      5. If all the points listed above are approved we secure factory qualification according to international standards and send the report to our client

  • Initial Production Inspection
    • Our Initial-Production Inspection service aims to review everything required to start producing the goods in a factory.Examining all the difficulties encountered during the production process is a crucial step for starting a business in the Asian markets.
      Pre-shipment Inspection
      Is a service for the verification of the finished products while in the factory. (Quality control)?. With this service we aim to help all our customers have confidence that they will receive the products that meet the criteria, quality, and characteristics agreed upon at the signing of the agreement.
      Container Loading Inspection
      The shipment phase of goods is crucial We ensure the quantity of the goods,the packaging;
      Sourcing & Manufacturing
      We specialize in the development and quality control of goods in China.
      Being based in the country provides us with in depth experience of the purchasing processes in China.
      Trade Analysis Reports -Exports or Imports
      Do you want to analyze export or import statistics? Let Export Academy assist you – Export Academy can access the information and provide you with an easy to use format – either in an Excel file with a range of Tables and Chart prepared or as a database file.
  • Financial Risk
    • This service details the credit rating of the Chinese company, analyzing the movements of the last 2 years. This allows our customers to:
      1. have first hand information about the supplier or customer in China.
      2. evaluate your credit payment relation with the supplier or customer in China.
      3. verify the stability of the Chinese company.
  • Analyzing Country’s statistics
    • Export Academy will quote the source of the the information. If accepted, Export Academy will collect and analyze the data and email to you the final Trade Analysis Report. This is usually available within 48 hours of a confirmed order and is prepared containing the latest available up-to-date information

      1. Export Statistics or Import Statistics;
      2. The products you want to analyze – with or without the HS code , Export Academy can find the HS codes for you;
      3. How do you want the final results – either an excel file with tables and charts; or a database file; or in a form that you specifically require.



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